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The New Mrs. Q

  I owe you a real blog post, but I’m too tired to write one. I’ve realized that writing good blog posts takes more than one or two nights. Recently I haven’t had much time to do any good writing. But I want you to know that it’s so nice not to live a double […]

Lunch Wrap Up: Week of October 10th

I never told you that I ended up planting a small, amateurish garden in July. May is when people normally plant in this area, after the last frost. But in mid-July I went ahead and planted pumpkins (far too late — they really needed the whole summer), sunflowers (looking great), carrots (small), and radishes (got […]

Guest Blog Post: Food Day 10/24

I want to introduce you to a grassroots initiative called Food Day. Food Day, celebrated on Monday October 24th, is a nationwide awareness campaign promoting delicious, healthy and affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way. Key campaign issues related to kids and school lunches are reducing obesity and diet related disease by promoting safe […]

Parenting’s Mom Congress: My Best & Worst School Lunches

In the second post in the series, invited me to share some of the lunches that I ate last year. I think it’s perfect for this week — it’s National School Lunch Week and today was Take Your Parents to Lunch Day. Did you make it into your child’s cafeteria? If not, are you […]

Guest Blog Post: Andy Bellatti’s Experience as a School Nutritionist

I met Andy Bellatti of Small Bites, or rather he found this blog, last year and we became friends. I was intrigued when he told me that to be certified as a nutritionist, he would be spending some time in a public school cafeteria. He offered to share his experience as his dietetic internship in the […]

It’s National School Lunch Week! Hug a Lunch Lady!

October 10th through October 14th is National School Lunch Week. I say celebrate by thanking a lunch lady. They are on the front lines in the fight against childhood hunger and their work improves classroom performance. National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day on Wednesday October 12th. This week go to school with your child(ren) and have […]

Parenting’s Mom Congress: Being an Accidental Activist

  Last week I was honored when’s Mom Congress blog asked me to contribute a couple blog posts about my experience as Mrs. Q. Here’s is the first in a series, which ran on Wednesday last week: Mrs Q on Becoming an Accidental Activist Life has a way of surprising you. School lunch was […]

Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Sept 26th

For those of you new to the site, every Saturday I share the week of lunches that I pack for my son and for myself. I’m doing that at the readers’ request. I find packing lunches to be a pain because it is so time-consuming. But my son and I are both gluten and dairy […]

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