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Titanium Spork Award Winner!

And we have a winner! Jenna Pepper, Food with Kid Appeal I was really impressed by the strong nominations for her by multiple people (read the comments) and so I decided that I would just go ahead and give it to her without the vote. Here’s what Dana Woldow had to say about Jenna: Jenna […]

CSA Box Week 7 and tomato sauce

Another fun CSA box!  Parsley, red pepper, three tomatoes, and again: The Mystery Herb (you guys identified that as lovage, right?)  Broccoli and lettuce Shard and a leek! Two more bunches of broccoli Guess what was in the bag? Potatoes! Three more tomatoes, an onion, and two pumpkins  Wow, pumpkins! It feels too early for […]

Three, two, one….my book!

I’ve been living two lives. One as myself. One as Mrs. Q. I’m merging my identities in October with the release of my book: Fed Up With Lunch: How One Anonymous Teacher Revealed the Truth About School Lunches. Yes, I will be revealing myself. You will see my face! Finally, right? You guys have been […]

School Garden Grants from the Whole Kids Foundation

We shopped at Whole Foods this weekend and I was excited to see their latest giving initiative. Love that school gardens are getting press. I donated and if you feel motivated to do the same, you can go to a store or visit their website for more information about the program.

Thoughts & Memories of September 11th

10 years. It seems like everyone says this, but September 11th changed me. I was lucky that I didn’t lose a loved one, but I lost my innocence and my faith in the basic decency of people. Here’s my story… *** Many years before 2001 when I graduated from high school, my graduation gift was a trip […]

Lunch Wrap Up: Week of August 29th

I’m running a week behind in lunches. At some point I’m going to have to upload a mega post! That week was my first half-week back. My son ended up only going to day care two days that week, but I went three. Daddy got to stay home one day with the little guy. Much […]

Nourish’s New DVD

I love the folks over at Nourish. If you haven’t explored their website, I encourage you to do so. I especially like their downloadables. Awhile back I blogged about about the release of their DVD, appropriately named, Nourish. That video was a great introduction to many of the issues I blog about around here. At the […]

Back to School

Those reading by RSS: Please click over and check out my blog’s new design:  I’m finally satisfied with the blog’s appearance thanks to Andrew Wilder at Eating Rules. He’s quite talented at WordPress! *** New school year, New school, Same job, Same district. Long-time readers know that ever since I started the blog, I’ve […]

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