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CSA Box Week 8

Another fun CSA box: Greens! — Help me identify them (the middle is chard) A bag of lettuce and radishes Onion, tomatoes, kohlrabi, broccoli Two acorn squash, a cabbage, and a carrot I made fried green tomatoes for the first time — thanks to a commenter I don’t remember who gave me the idea! They […]

One week until the reveal…

Thank you for being patient. Just one more week to go! Can you make it? Then I’m out — my real name, my face and everything! I’ll send you details soon about the reveal, but know this: It’s going to be on TV and in print. How am I holding up? Most of the time […]

USDA recalls beef headed for Georgia school lunches

Did you see this article? This is the kind of stuff that gives me shivers. I’m so happy they caught this before it hit the lunch line! It reminds me of this guest blog post about “super bugs.” It’s all very disturbing.

Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Sept 12th

I’m already sick of packing my son’s lunch. September is not even over! My son’s lunches Banana bread muffin, pickled beets (farmer’s market), peaches (farmer’s market), omelette with sliced turkey and broccoli (CSA), applesauce, pepitas I did not pickle those beets myself. I bought them from a stand at the farmer’s market already in jars. […]

My Journey to the Farm: Making Goat Milk Ice Cream

Close Encounters with the Goat Kind This summer we took a trip to a farm that is affiliated with our CSA. I found the experience to be life-changing. But first, a little background. Before I started this blog, my son was very sick. He was getting ear infections every two weeks. He had a constant […]

Guest Blog: Lunch Tips from Project Bread

Kirk Conrad is the Chef in Residence at Project Bread – The Walk for Hunger, the largest antihunger organization in Massachusetts. For the past 5 years, Chef Kirk has worked in schools to change the food culture and eating habits of elementary, middle, and high school students. For more information on Project Bread, please […]

Why your education is important: Letter to my child #mcblogathon

Last week Parenting’s Mom Congress hosted a blog-a-thon inviting parents/bloggers/anyone to write a letter to their child(ren) as a new school year starts telling the kids how they will make their education the best it can be, using the Twitter handle #mcblogathon. Here’s my belated contribution to the blog-a-thon: Dear Sweetie, You are still very […]

Lunch Wrap-Up: Week of Sept 5th

Loving my job and new surrounds. School meals are the same, exactly the same. BUT!! I’ve been waiting to tell you something… The kids get a recess! What a revelation! More later on that development… Here’s what I packed (four day week): My son’s lunches Homemade dairy-free mac and cheese, applesauce, eggs (from the farmer’s […]

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