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Ups and Downs in Food News (now with more ups!)

I haven’t shared any interesting links in awhile. Here’s what I’ve been reading: School Food: (Up!) Help bring The Food Network to New Haven (NH School Food) — Please vote for Chef Tim’s Food Truck to win some money and press from The Food Network! (Up!) Kid Safe Lunch Gear (Feed Our Families) — For […]

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Lunch Wrap Up: First Two Weeks of August

According to a study in Pediatrics,  90 percent of the perishable items in packed lunches (lunches sent from home to school) were kept at unsafe temperatures. The article goes on to state that the CDC says that perishable foods kept between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit for more than two hours are no longer safe to […]

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Breakfast survey results and a lunch survey

Thanks so much to everyone who took my Eating Breakfast survey. The results were fascinating (I’m into numbers and I like food, go figure). 633 people took the survey! I’m so flattered that so many of you took the time. I bolded the question and the response with the highest percentage: 1. Do you eat […]

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Guest blog: Learning cooking at childcare

From Mrs. Q: Over the past four months, my son has really gotten interested in preparing food with me in the kitchen. He’s so curious about what’s happening on the counter that we just leave a chair sitting in the kitchen so he can climb up and check things out. I think his new interest has […]

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Old Health Book: “Your Body — A Wonderful Gift”

Post 2: More shots of the 1940’s health book I found in the library’s free bin. Not sure if I should laugh or cry… (Here’s my first post about this book) “It is what we eat that makes the difference.” The book reads like propaganda, but there’s something about it that sounds almost naive. It was […]

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Questions, questions

How important is food in your life? What do you eat? What’s your favorite food? Where do you shop? What kind of things do you like to buy at the grocery store? There’s so much we don’t know about each other and the food we eat. Since we are all so fascinated by food, let’s […]

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CSA Box Week 4

Normally I would never go into a store and buy something I had no name for. Normally I would never buy more than one herb. Normally I would never buy an herb not in a little plastic package. Basil, Celery, Lettuce, Chard Normally I would never buy more than two green veggies at once. Normally […]

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Ups and downs in food news

I haven’t shared any interesting news items in awhile. Here we go… SCHOOL FOOD: Food Truck to Feed Kids in the Summer? What brilliant innovation! Chef Tim Cipriano rockin’ it in Connecticut: (Up!) NEW HAVEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS CENTRAL KITCHEN UNVEILS FOOD TRUCK TO PROVIDE FREE SUMMER MEALS FOR KIDS  (NH School Food: Notes from Chef […]

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