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CSA Box Week 6 and canning classes

Guess what? My husband went to a canning class. He’s such a good sport. We’re both highly motivated because we have a Concord grape vine in our backyard. Well, we rent so it’s not technically our vine, but it’s sitting there producing pretty purple grapes. Our first year here (two years ago) we actually tried making […]

The Case Against Fresh Fruit and Veggies

I guess I’m a flip-flopper. Appropriate since people are already campaigning. I’ve discussed my dislike of fruit cups because of added sugar and the syrup. But I might be coming around to fruit and veggie preservation. Taking on the CSA box of veggies every other week has made me more aware of the seasonality of fruits […]

Lunch Wrap Up: Week of August 15th

I’ve got news. My son is attending a new day care. While we have really loved a lot about the old place, I ended up checking out a new place about five months ago. I liked it, but I wasn’t ready to uproot my son. This summer I wasn’t super thrilled with his day care. […]

Survey results: Eating lunch

Thanks to everyone who responded to my survey “Eating lunch.” A whopping 541 people completed the survey! Here are the results: 1. Do you eat lunch every day? (Answered question = 523) Yes  89.3% (467) No 10.7% (56) Other (31) — People responding “other” told me that sometimes you forget, are too busy, or you might eat a […]

Feeding America’s New Resource for Tracking Child Hunger

There is a nameless, faceless epidemic in our country. It’s called hunger. According to Feeding America, 16.6% of Americans are food insecure. That’s more than 50 million Americans. It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around that number. But it’s happening, in urban centers and in rural parts of our country. What does “food insecurity” really mean? […]

Breadstick? Meet my desk

Edited to add: I have had this post queued up for awhile — finally decided to publish it even though it’s super weird… Flashback. June 2011. It was the last couple days of school. Kids were gone. I was cleaning my room and boxing up tons of stuff. I wiped surfaces and peered at items on […]

Going on vacation!

I’m going on vacation for a few days. I briefly considered blogging while I’m gone, but I won’t have reliable internet where I’m going  taking a break is healthy. I need a short rest before what could be the busiest months I’ve experienced all year. Before I leave, I wanted to share this amazing article that was in […]

CSA Box Week 5 with recipes!

Here’s what we got!  A pepper, a cucumber, another white eggplant, a bunch of carrots, fennel (?) Bag of greens, bag of basil, green onions (hiding), micellaneous corn, a paper bag with….    ~Ten tomatoes  Eight ears of corn!  Closer look at the bag of greens, an onion, a yellow squash, a pepper (any guesses […]

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