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Lunch Wrap Up: Week of July 25th

Getting a box of veggies from the farm every two weeks has been a real challenge for me. After thinking about it, I have figured out why it has been so difficult for me. I stink at cooking. I’ve always been a better baker than a chef. Going gluten free after eating a year of school lunch […]

School lunch prices going up

Whenever I do a Google news search about school lunch, I find a virtual avalanche of articles about increases in school lunch prices. Well, when I go to the grocery store, I have noticed that food prices are creeping up, little by little. I’ve wondered about school districts and if they might be forced to pass on […]

Strawberry picking with my son

I’m only getting the box of veggies from the farm every other week so this week I wanted to share a different “farm” experience with you. Just before the strawberry season ended, I was able to take my son strawberry picking. I had never gone picking of any sort before (at least that I can […]

Guest blog: High Schooler’s Perspective on School Lunch

I love it when people email and share their stories about school lunch. Unfortunately, it often takes me a long time to respond. I got a wonderful email from high school student. I believe that there’s no better way to understand school lunch than by hearing the thoughts of the students who eat lunch. Bio: R. is […]

Titanium Spork Award!

Shame on me — I haven’t awarded a Titanium Spork Award for a long time. You probably have been wondering why I haven’t mentioned the awards in awhile. Well, Dana Woldow from, who won one of the more recent awards, suggested that I work on putting some kind of logo together. What a great idea! So I emailed […]

Lunch Wrap Up: Week of July 18th

I had a busy weekend and this the first time I’ve had a chance to blog. We had a visitor and we were out and about. I spent a lot of time thinking, even when we were on the move. I try to reflect and ponder multiple times a day. I’ve come up with some interesting ideas this summer. […]

DC Central Kitchen @DCCK (video)

When I was in Washington DC to speak at Mom Congress in April, I learned more about the DC Central Kitchen. I’m just amazed by what they do. This video will inspire you. It blew me away!   DC Central Kitchen “Bringing School Food Home” from Dave Adams on Vimeo. If you want to keep […]

CSA Box Week 3 and a recipe

Opening the CSA box is like opening happy Pandora’s box. It’s a big surprise — I actually get excited. I wanted to let you know that the CSA sent us a cookbook in the mail with pictures of the produce and when to expect it. Even with that help, I’m having trouble with the herbs. The herbs […]

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