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Changing Day Care Food (Part three)

Click here to read part one and part two of this series. The results of the survey were sent home with every child. What I loved about the survey was that the day care listed every food item they have on their menu, they added more information about the food (canned versus fresh fruit), and then asked […]

Random giveaway post

When I went to BlogHer Food, I got some cool things that I thought you guys might enjoy. Book #1 How to Eat a Small Country — the book looks interesting and I love the title! Apron (sorry about the wrinkles!) Pink apron that says “I cook for my mom.” I’m embarrassed to say this, but I’m […]

Lunch Wrap Up: Week of May 16th (plus updates)

Brief updates: 1. Site redesign – I’m excited to announce that it’s coming soon. For those of you who subscribe via RSS, I’ll be giving you instructions on how to continue subscribing. Unfortunately this feed won’t automatically be redirected to the new URL, which is also forthcoming. Hang in there! 2. Daycare food update – Holy cow, […]

Lunch Literature Book Club #fastfoodlover

My husband has been working late this week. So yesterday I took my son to Noodles and Co for a “date.” We ordered their Pad Thai. Fast food tally for this week: 1 Some of you were upset that Starbucks was included in the list of fast food restaurants since many of you visit only […]

A Basic Guide to Blogging Food Politics

It seems silly to blog about food when terrible tragedies occur like what happened in Joplin, Missouri this past weekend. It’s hard for me to focus on the blog during times like this. I realize that awful things happen everyday, but one of my friends has distant family in Joplin and she hadn’t heard from them in more […]

Breakfast in the classroom: example six

Cornflakes, string cheese (far left), milk, OJ Kids are not offered chocolate milk for breakfast; the only option is white milk. My students like cereal and I’m happy that the string cheese is there. When I’m at home eating breakfast in the morning, I’ll eat cereal by itself most of the time. Instead of cheese, I’ll eat fruit with my […]

Lunch Literature Book Club #FastFoodLover

I’m attending BlogHer Food at the moment. Having a great time and learning a lot. I speak later today about food blogging for change. Regular posts will be a bit delayed… One of the people I met used to work with fast food companies. He told me about this segment of the population that the […]

Mom Congress Recap

I had the honor and privilege to be a part of a terrific panel about school lunch and student health at Mom Congress back in April. I didn’t write a recap post right away, because it was too hard to put everything into words. It felt like a dream to be able to meet terrific […]

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