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Compassion fatigue

My post about breakfast in the classroom resonated with a lot of people, but not in the way I expected. Some readers commented that they couldn’t believe that parents can’t feed their child before school. Here’s one excerpted comment… I don’t really agree with the state feeding children all their meals. This is the responsibility […]

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Breakfast in the classroom: example

The hot choice The cold choice “Breakfast in the classroom” arrived this spring. I gave it some time and I can say that I’m happy about it. I’ve also talked to a lot my coworkers. There was initially some resistance among staff members, but it seems like that melted away quickly. Positives: The kids love it — How […]

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Meatless Monday, revisited

A year ago, I invited Ms. Elizabeth Puccini from NYC Green Schools to guest blog about Meatless Monday. At first I was concerned that “meatless” meant gooey processed cheese like I ate frequently last year. But I learned that there was way more to “meatless” than that. I invited her to share her perspective once again. EDUCATION: […]

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Lunch Wrap Up – Week of April 4th

Next week is spring break. The way I look right now I’m the poster child for spring break. I need sleep. I need a healthy child. I need a healthy husband. I need not to work until past 11 pm every night. I need to do some dishes. For lunch photos click… My son’s lunches Monday […]

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A-B-C Frittata — The Whole Family Cookbook Giveaway

I met Michelle Stern at BlogHer Food last October and we hit it off. I especially enjoyed chatting school lunch reform. She was on the White House lawn to be part of the launch of Chefs Move to Schools. Michelle worked to get salad bars in her districts’ schools, she volunteers in the cafeteria, and has […]

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Banning home lunches (take two)

When I blogged about the banning of home lunches on Monday, it was in an attempt to understand what would cause a principal to do that. At face value it seems screwy — what was their logic? To ban lunches from home they must have been truly horrific. No principal would go to that extreme if they hadn’t […]

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Jamie Oliver Food Revolution 2 and yummy school lunch!

Bring on the reality TV! Tonight is the season premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Season TWO! It will be on ABC 8/7c. To get a sneak peak of what to expect this season, you can visit ABC’s Food Revolution’s official website and watch a cool video. These past two days I’ve been attending Mom Congress […]

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Banning home lunches

Today a school in Chicago made news for banning lunches from home, forcing all their students to eat school lunch. Um, wow. This sounds bad. But can we be sure that home lunches are healthy and satisfying? Here are two recent examples from my students: Lunch example 1: Two donuts.Lunch example 2: A ham sandwich on […]

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