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Food News and Lunch Literature Book Club

Whenever I read the blog of someone I admire, I often wonder what they are reading. So I’m going to share various things I found interesting in the blogosphere and beyond this past week: Regarding Japan I made a donation to the Red Cross this weekend. It felt small, but I needed to do something. Some other […]

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Lunch Wrap Up #10 – I don’t have mad skillz in the kitchen

Aside from writing on this blog, I rarely share information about food issues with coworkers and certainly not the parents of my students. Real-life friends and family know exactly what I think about everything, but at work I don’t get into people’s faces about this stuff. In public I’m a quiet observer, but in private I’m more feisty, […]

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Open thread: Simple sustenance

The citizens of Japan are on my mind today. If you want to donate to disaster relief efforts through the Red Cross, visit to learn how. Or you can text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10, which will be added to your cell phone bill. Also this article in Time magazine details other organizations working to […]

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Product review:

When I was making the transition from school lunch to packed lunch, I decided to sample the wide range of options for lunch packing gear. I never had anything fancy before the project, but after a year of school lunch, I wanted to treat myself. looked like a great option. If you are keeping up […]

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I’m sort of excited…

about the next two weeks… Thought-provoking school lunch content coming your way starting next week. I think it’s going to take you by surprise. Changing the way I blog slightly. Writing good blog posts takes time and sometimes I can’t do a topic justice in just one night of writing. So I may not post for some time, […]

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Unions, pensions, and tenure…oh my! (part three – final thoughts)

UPDATED: Tenure varies state-by-state, district-by-district, school-by-school. I am just one person. Please keep in mind there is great variability. Tenure is a bad word these days. But school tenure is not like tenure awarded to college professors. When someone gets tenure at work we tell that person, “Now you can’t be fired for wearing the […]

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Guest Blog: Butter Beans, Inc

  Hello! My name is Ben Filippo, and I work for a company called Butter Beans, Inc. Butter Beans, started by two working mothers, provides delicious, healthy, seasonal lunches for students and faculty at independent schools, as well as hands-on cooking classes and a seasonal food and wellness curriculum for students in all schools. Mrs […]

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Lunch Literature Book Club and NYC School Lunches

The thought questions for this week. I’ll answer them in the comments at the end of the week: 1) What is participation (p 135)? Participation is how many kids eat school lunch each day. The goal is to increase the number. I love how some cafeterias are creative with using theme to get kids excited […]

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