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Tofu and its identity crisis

(Image courtesy: Fit and Healthy Lifestyle) Ever wonder why tofu rarely appears on school lunch trays? I found out recently that tofu is not recognized as a “meat alternative” by the USDA. I looked it up: USDA is aware of a growing interest to expand the list of allowable meat alternates to include tofu, a whole […]

55 reasons why…

1. My son is sick.2. I am sick.3. We’ve been at home together recuperating.4. It’s been wonderful to be home with him.5. It’s been really tough too.6. Being sick and providing care is challenging.7. Remind me, I haven’t been sick since I stopped eating school lunch, right?8. Three months ain’t half bad!9. I have to […]

Q and A with Bob Bloomer from Chartwells-Thompson

Last week I told you about how I met Mr. Bob Bloomer, the Regional Vice President for Chartwells-Thompson Hospitality for Chicago Public Schools. He agreed to answer a few of my questions and I appreciate that considering he is a busy guy (he oversees the day-to-day management of food services in 470 Chicago schools). I want to thank […]

Food News, Titanium Spork Award, and Lunch Literature Book Club

What I’m reading this week… School FoodMiracle worker in the school kitchen — Private school chef in Chicago makes federally reimbursable school lunches for $3 each.This Week in School Food News (Better DC School Food) — Ed’s summary, which is great and I like how he blames pop for obesity.Adventures in School Lunch (Wendolia) — A food blogger/mom ate school lunch with […]

Lunch Wrap Up #11 – just breathe

It’s been a really long week. It has nothing to do with the blog. Work has been quite stressful. ISAT happened. I don’t administer the ISAT to my students, but it affects the whole school. The school sort of shuts down. A few weeks ago, before the test, I ran into a couple students and asked them how they […]

And then…

Yesterday I left you at a critical moment. I need to back up and tell you something else about that night. I looked like crap. Like I said, I went to the screening of Lunch Line with no expectation of talking to anyone. I wanted to get in and get out. I probably had a […]

Lunch Line

Last month I was able to see the movie “Lunch Line.” The screening was held at the stunning Nettelhorst School in Chicago. Although the event’s organizers invited me to attend by email, I was already planning on being there. I had to see the film. Also the organizers planned an amazing panel discussion afterwards with many people […]

Guest Blogger: French School Lunches

Aidan Larson is an American mom of three navigating her way through life in France and writing about it on her blog: Conjugating Irregular Verbs. She writes from her dining room table in the South of France in between motherhood, French lessons and perfecting her oeuf en croute. Previous lives include teaching, copy editing and […]

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