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An artistic tangent

[I wrote this post in January and never put it up. This weekend was really busy and fun with visiting family and I didn’t get a chance to write up some new material. I hope you don’t mind reading something completely different today!] My mother’s first career was as an art teacher. She still paints on weekends when […]

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Lunch Wrap Up #7

My son is doing better. He turned the corner last weekend and two weeks of crappy eating slowly came to an end. In fact, this week he ate more than usual at breakfast and dinner. My husband and I are wiping our brows. Phew! Click below for the photos…   MY SON’S LUNCHES MONDAY Black rice heart, […]

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Open thread: the teacher who blogged and got fired

I read an article about a teacher who blogged about her students in very unflattering way to say the least and has been put on leave (Teacher suspended for bashing students on blog, defends herself for vicious jokes she calls ‘casual’). I have had a family member contact me about that story as well as a reader. […]

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Food in the news

Last weekend TEDxManhattan – Changing the way we eat happened. I could have followed along online, but I didn’t. Frankly, I don’t remember exactly what was going on here at home, but probably us being buried under the usual mounds of laundry and stacks of dirty dishes. The conference looked awesome though and you can read […]

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I forgot to mention…

I never blogged about it but I was interviewed on Gayle King’s Radio Show on January 28th. Why didn’t I tell you I was going to be interviewed ahead of time so that you could have tuned in? Well, I was super excited and nervous and jittery and I didn’t want “jinx” it by blabbing about it. I […]

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Why No Recess is a Huge Mistake

I just wanted to remind you that my students have no recess. To say it breaks my heart is an understatement. I’ve blogged about it before but I know there are some new readers… Yes, there is no recess…only once a week gym. I’ve talked to some of the “old timers” at my school and they tell […]

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Guest blogger: Stop Calling Kids "Picky Eaters"

courtesy: Guest post by Christina Le Beau who blogs about food literacy and sustainability at Spoonfed: Raising kids to think about the food they eat. Spend even a few minutes online and you’ll find blogs devoted to sneaky vegetables, artful bento boxes and countless other tricks to make kids eat spinach. Turn on the […]

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Domino’s Smart Slice

Domino’s has launched their new “Smart Slice,” which is a “reformulated” pizza recipe to fit the new USDA’s regulations for school lunch. It’s “51% white whole-wheat flour” and the pizza has “35% less sodium in the traditional sauce.” Where’s my party hat? The story broke in January and many of you sent me links, which […]

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