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Lunch Literature Book Club

I’m still chugging along here reading Free For All. But some of you don’t have your books yet and because I’m reading slowly, I’m going to extend our reading of the book through March. In two weeks we’ll chose a new book to read starting April 1st. It’s hard to believe that I used to be a […]

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Giveaway winners! And another giveaway!

Thanks so much for your patience — I just realized that Robyn O’Brien’s guest blog post went up a month ago. Where did the time go? Without further delay, here are the three winners of copies of her book… 1) Robyn O’Brien’s book The Unhealthy Truth: There were 47 comments on the blog post and […]

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Foodie sound off: a plain old sandwich as a pariah?

Who doesn’t want a sandwich for lunch, right? I love a good sandwich. This past week over at The Lunch Tray Bettina noticed an article on MSNBC: Some schools cut lunch options for kids who struggle to pay and she blogged about how kids who can’t pay get an “alternate meal” of a sandwich. Hold on. That’s […]

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Lunch Wrap Up #8

This week I’ve only had one night of uninterrupted sleep. The kid keeps waking up in the night wanting to eat “panda puffs” (cereal). He went through two weeks of barely eating due to illness and now we’re just finishing up two weeks of great eating, but the night-wakening is getting out of hand. I have realized that it’s […]

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Rabbit Food Smoothies

My dad hates eating salad. He calls it “rabbit food.” He’s never been very good at forcing himself to eat something that’s good for him. I mentioned that my mom would make a salad to accompany pizza at our house, but in general I don’t remember eating a whole lot of salad at home. Confession: […]

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Unions, pensions, and tenure…oh my! (part one)

I’ve been watching what’s been happening in Wisconsin. I haven’t really known what to think and who to believe. I’m a union member, but sometimes I find my union’s approach to be a little too bellicose for my liking. I like to solve issues through compromise and civility — I avoid conflict. Once last year I took […]

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Review: Chop Chop Magazine

ChopChop magazine reached out to me and asked me if I had heard about their cooking magazine for kids. I hadn’t, but I was anxious to learn more. They sent me an issue and copies to hand out to my students. I liked reading magazines as a kid. Highlights was my favorite, but my parents couldn’t afford […]

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School lunch article in the Trib

While I’ve been relaxing with the family this weekend, this article is making the rounds on Twitter and the blog-o-sphere: You can lead kids to broccoli, but you can’t make them eat The article insinuates that the “new” and “healthy” food given to kids attending Chicago Public Schools is not being eaten and instead being thrown away. I need […]

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