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Day 143: patty melt and a mentor

Today’s menu: patty melt (whole wheat bread), baked beans, fruit cup, popcorn chips I took the meat out of the sandwich and ate that. There was cheese on the patty of which I neglected to take a picture. The cheese had soaked into the bread quite a bit. Putting the patty melt in a plastic bag (crossing […]

Day 142: chicken parm, liberty, and justice for all

Today’s menu: chicken parm, garlic bread, salad, fruit cup So I looked down and today’s lunch (see first picture) and thought, “what are those white things?” They are onions in the tomato sauce on top of the chicken patty in case you wondered. The chicken tasted juicy; however, you can see that it’s not pure […]

Guest blog: School meals rules and regulations from the USDA

A loyal reader (who wants to remain anonymous) compiled a terrific list of links for more information about school lunch from the USDA. If you want to learn more about school lunch, feel free to peruse this information. S/he looked it up because s/he felt it was important that I know more specifics about the […]

Open thread: Great question

This week a reader asked: True story of the day: My second-grade daughter was a lunch helper at school today. With that she earned a treat. I think it is great that she earned a reward for helping in the lunchroom. It was 2 cookies and a chocolate milk. So guess what she chose to eat for […]

Guest Blogger: Eating Rules visits Olivewood Gardens

Andrew Wilder is a healthy foodie who thinks Eating Rules! He believes that although health and nutrition information is complicated, eating healthful, delicious food doesn’t have to be. Recently I had a unique opportunity to visit the Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center, an urban, organic garden in National City, California, just south of San Diego. […]

Guest blogger: Good Guide

As a nutrition professional who spent most of her time in graduate school studying how schools can help prevent obesity, I’m honored to be contributing to Mrs. Q’s blog. I’m sure many of her readers will agree with me when I say that the “behind the scenes” perspective provided through this blog is invaluable and […]

Day 141: hamburger and "year round" school

Today’s menu: hamburger, whole wheat buns, broccoli, banana, ketchup I’ve had this meal many times before just like most of the other lunches I’ve eaten. I was a little surprised to have broccoli again today considering I just had it yesterday, but I think it was a last minute substitution. It was in sharp contrast to […]

Day 140: chicken nuggets and catching up with Mr. Q

Today’s menu: chicken “fingers,” broccoli, apple, bread (kids take two for their two servings of grain) Hey, not a bad lunch! Fresh broccoli and fresh apples. The chicken finger/nuggets were on the dry side, but allright…I’m concerned that they have the same kind of fillers that chicken nuggets have just with a different name. Interesting article on the […]

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