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Day 149: chicken teriyaki, art, recess and The Eat Along Challenge

Today’s menu: chicken teriyaki, rice with peas and egg, carrots, applesauce, breadstick Chicken patty teriyaki is one of my favorite main dishes. I thought it tasted fine — definitely better than some of the other stuff I have eaten this year. I imagine that this would be one of the more expensive dishes compared to say the hot dog […]

Day 148: turkey and feeling grateful

Today’s menu: turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, bread, pear, cookie When I first saw the main dish, I thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of turkey!” I love eating turkey. While I was paying (and before I visually scanned the line) I asked, “Are there mashed potatoes too?” The lunch lady said, “No, it’s sweet potatoes!” Terrific! I took […]

Day 147: hot dog

Today’s menu: hot dog, whole wheat buns, orange, fresh carrots The glare on the hot dog package makes the hot dog look like it’s got some kind of magical powers. I assure you it did not. I ate it though and I ate the carrots too. There just isn’t enough time to peel an orange. I’ve said it from […]

Day 146: pasta and salad bars

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, salad, orange, bread (tampon) stick Here, here for pasta! It was the first meal I ate way back at the start of this here wacky experiment and here I am still eating some of it. I’m liking this strikeout feature all of a sudden…. I remain a committed fan […]

Open thread: School lunch haiku homework

Your weekend homework challenge: write some school lunch/child nutrition act/nutrition haiku poetry. I’m a big fan of haiku (5-7-5) and I want to see what you “cook up” so have at it. Here are a couple of mine: Ate school lunch today (5)Swallowed and took a picture (7)Better blog it now! (5) Kids nutrition act (5)It’s […]

Day 145: salisbury steak and a thank you

Today’s menu: salisbury steak, spinach, bread, fruit cup Processed meat…yummy… it’s hard to choke it down, but I ate the whole patty. I’m able to do that because I make sure I’m really hungry at lunch. Some of you have wondered if I pack my own lunch in addition to buying school lunch. You don’t […]

Day 144: pizza, my (Droid) phone, and call your rep!

Today’s menu: cheese pizza, fresh carrots, apple I walked in the hallway towards the cafeteria and noticed that characteristic smell: it was pizza day! I was starving so I didn’t much care what I ate. Breakfast was a distant memory…in fact I wasn’t sure I even had more than a few bites of my son’s scrambled eggs. At home […]

Guest Blogger: Dianasaur Dishes

Mrs Q here: today is report card pickup day/ teacher-parent conferences. It’s a non-attendance day for students, the doors open midday and stay open until early evening. Since I wasn’t going to be able to eat school lunch today, I asked a friend to write a guest blog post. Meet: Diana from Dianasaur Dishes and […]

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