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Open thread: Halloween

I think it was Chris Rock who said that Halloween is the one holiday that you can’t fake if you are a poor kid. A kid can lie their way through the other holidays (“I got a transformer for Christmas — it’s at home!”) but a child can’t really fake a costume. At my school there is a […]

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Day 133: cheeseburger with a side of twitter

Today’s menu: cheeseburger, whole wheat buns (not pictured), banana, baked beans, cookie There’s today’s lunch. I grabbed the cookie not the buns. I ate the patty, the beans, and the banana: My trash I chatted with the kids about this lunch and I got the usual “tell-her-what-she-wants-to-hear” spiel (that’s one of the reasons why I […]

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Sick Day Randomness (plus giveaway winners!)

No one slept last night (Wednesday night). The little one has an ear infection. At about 3 am I realized that it would be really hard for me to be coherent at work. When I woke up dizzy at 8 am, I thought about pushing myself to work even though I’d be late…. but it would have […]

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Day 132: chicken nuggets and school lunch news

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets, grapes, greens and cornbread I ended up eating quite a few of the greens, more than I ever had eaten before. Eh, they don’t get better by eating more and still haven’t grown on me. I didn’t get a chance to photograph my trash today because I was called away from […]

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Day 131: meatloaf and the moon

Today’s menu: meatloaf, bread (kids got two slices), fruit cup, potato wedges Welcome to the far side of the moon, where for two days in a row the kids have eaten weirdly overly processed meat products splashed with a red sauce and then torched. I think it has to be similar to experiencing a day on the […]

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Day 130: chicken parm, white bread, and PACK

Any guesses? Chicken parm! Today’s menu: Chicken parm, carrots, breadstick, applesauce. What happened to that chicken? It was hardly appetizing when I looked at it through the film. Then I opened peeled off the plastic and just shrugged. I shudder to think how many main entrees went right into the trash. Unfortunately I can’t be […]

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Open thread: Corporations you love

Yesterday I blogged about meeting a rep from Nature’s Path and feeling that the company is aligned with my beliefs about kids’ health and nutrition (and doing the right thing for the planet). Are there any other corporations whose products you recommend to friends and family? Why do you recommend them? The corporate values or […]

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got corporations? *UPDATED*

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you’ve heard me talk about how I dislike and mistrust corporations. One day it will be abundantly clear why when I share more about my life, but for now you will just have to trust me: it is a strongly held opinion based on something that happened. Many […]

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