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Day 109: chicken teriyaki

Today’s menu: chicken teriyaki, rice mixed with peas and eggs, carrots, applesauce, breadstick I cleaned my “plate” today — I was so hungry. I took a bite of the chicken patty and my mouth recognized something familiar: there was a real chuck of chicken in my patty! I took a picture (below). I don’t remember […]

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Day 108: pizza… and salad (!)

Today’s menu: pizza, orange, salad (!!) Do you see what I see? Yes, it’s salad. I need a moment. I saw kids taking the salad in the lunch line. In fact, one of the lunch ladies asked a bunch of kindergartners, “Do you want salad?” and most said, “yes” (out of six kids, one said no). Since […]

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Day 107: hot dog

Today’s menu: hot dog, whole wheat buns, fries, fruit cup I ate the hot dog. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with a hot dog. (Edited: I don’t think there is something wrong with eating the occasional hot dog during the summer. Hot dogs are processed foods and should be eaten in moderation.) […]

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Day 106: pasta

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, peas and carrots, apple, goldfish crackers (milk not pictured – lactose -intolerant) So the pasta wasn’t terrible (I have always said that I enjoy pasta). Taste is not the best judge of quality sometimes (do you agree with that statement?). I just wonder, “What am I eating?” If you […]

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Bread therapy

My first loaves (above), it doesn’t look that appealing, but was fantastic. The gluteny inside The second two loaves (that’s flaxseed meal in place of cornmeal — it got toasted), one went to Grandma’s house Sun-dried tomato bread for Mr. Q I can make my own bread. It’s quite the shock for us all. And I […]

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Guest blogger: Eat So They Can

I stumbled across the Fed Up with Lunch twitter account and loved what I saw; someone who is incorporating humor to highlight a very real issue in the U.S today; childhood obesity and the lack of concern shown by schools and food companies to help! I remember my own school lunches well; every day there […]

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Laptop Lunches Giveaway Winner!

Amazingly 167 readers commented on the Laptop Lunches guest blog post on Monday to participate in the bento giveaway. Your comments touched me and I really wish everyone could get a laptop lunch bento kit. I used random number generator to pick the winning number to keep it fair (and so I didn’t have to!) and […]

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Open thread: Portions

Earlier on in the project, I mentioned that I was hungry around 3pm some days that I ate school lunch. I wondered if it was due to the quality of the meal, but many readers commented that it was due to the fact that these lunches are meant for children not an adult. What do […]

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