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Day 115: pizza (and French school lunches)

Today’s menu: sausage pizza, fruit cup, carrots, ranch dressing Sausage pizza is a new one. Before it was “pepperoni” pizza, which referred to not large circles of pepperoni, but small squares of….who knows. (Click here to examine all the school lunch pizza I have eaten). I ate everything and went on with my day. It’s […]

Day 114: sloppy joes (and the ups and downs of packing kids’ lunches)

Today’s menu: sloppy joes, whole wheat buns, beans and rice, unsweetened applesauce Looky here, we have a new menu item again! Wow. The sloppy joe wasn’t baaad…but it was sure messy. I would have taken a picture if my hands weren’t covered in sloppy joe fixings. The “joe to bun” ratio was a little skewed in favor of […]

Day 113: bagel dog (with a side of educational reform)

Today’s menu: bagel dog, fries, sun chips, fruit cup (it was frozen — which doesn’t happen that often actually). I’m not a fan of the bagel dog. It’s not “real” food in my opinion. But I ate it. Not all the bread though because it was mushy. The picture below is of the inside of the bagel […]

Open thread: Overwhelmed and down… but not out!

I saw How do you cope with toxic information overload? over on Healthy Child, Healthy World and it resonated with me. Having just watched Food, Inc last weekend, bad food, good food, ugly food has been on a loop over and over in my mind ever since. I thought that the movie wouldn’t bother me, but […]

Guest blogger: KaBoom!

In a recent article, “Fixing a World That Fosters Fat,” The New York Times tells us, “It’s the environment stupid.” And they have a point. While so much of the fight against childhood obesity is geared toward changing individual behavior – eat better, exercise more – these efforts are futile in an environment that makes […]

Day 112: pizza

Today’s menu: cheese pizza, salad, orange, popcorn chips. I’m so excited about the return of salad! I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth and wish for more veggies (like you guys commented on last week Friday). Anyway, I was happy again. I just couldn’t eat the whole pizza today, but I ate […]

Day 111: chicken nuggets

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets (baked), collard greens, corn muffin, grapes I made sure to look over the menu (yesterday was not “rib-b-que” but “meatloaf,” which really makes no difference at all — it’s just a name) and noticed that the chicken nuggets say “baked.” That is good, but they are still nuggets full of fillers. The […]

Day 110: rib-b-que

Today’s menu: Rib-b-que (I think), tater tots, pears, two slices bread I ate. I was hungry. Believe it or not, I was too busy to even glance at the menu today to see what today’s meal was “called.” When I’m at work eating lunch is really a side note. I am so busy. But I […]

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