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Problem feeders

When a kid only eats a few foods, meal time sucks. We talk about various different foods as if they are so easy to eat. For some kids, it’s very hard. I’m not talking about picky eaters because most toddlers (and kids) go through a phases where they refuse to eat numerous foods they previously enjoyed. I’m talking […]

Blog party winners!

Did I enjoy all of your entries in the blog party!!! Chicken nuggets with a side of ice cream and a pop tart? Pizza with a side of pizza? Chicken nuggets three times a week? I laughed and then I cried. What are we doing to kids in this country? I’m really inspired by all […]

Open thread: Twitter party questions

Last night’s Twitter party was a lot of fun! We started a trending topic (TT) (#lunchrevolution) in Canada (here’s a screenshot:! What a thrill! I think that was because @scatteredmom (Notes from the Cookie Jar) who is located in Canada tweeted so much she reached her Twitter limit and got kicked out! All of a sudden she stopped […]

Twitter party tonight! Blog party answers below:

Twitter party is tonight 8 PM CST/ 9PM EST — Let’s get ready to chat about school lunch! Here’s a the Tweet Grid again so you can watch in real-time what people are saying using hashtags #schoollunch or #lunchrevolution or anything tweeted to @fedupwithlunch or @scatteredmom. That’s one of the ways I’ll be tracking your […]

Back to School / Lunch Revolution Blog and Twitter party

Welcome to the Back to School Blog and Twitter party! I’m partnering with Notes from the Cookie Jar for a fun weekend of blogging and tweeting. Here’s how to participate: 1) Answer any, all or one of the following questions in a blog post on your blog, flickr account, or youtube video: How is “Back […]

Urban Farming: Growing Power

Bon Appetit June 2010 Will Allen, Mr. Allen’s shirt reads, “The good food movement is now a revolution,” I want a shirt like that one too! I have only recently learned about urban farming and had never read about Will Allen until I saw this article in Bon Appetit. I read his bio on […]

Ad critique: Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts Ad, Working Mother August/September 2010 “Less sugar makes mornings pretty sweet.” Pop-Tarts ad, Cooking Light May 2010 “Baked with real fruit.” Pop-Tarts on display in Walgreens A paragraph of ingredients, 200 calories per ONE “pastry,” 38g of carbs Does anyone just eat one pop-tart when they open the package? *** Just a few weeks […]

Mrs. Q on the move…

I’ll be back in school and eating school lunch in just a couple weeks. Frankly, I’m not looking forward to eating the lunches again. I keep hoping that there will be menu changes and that things will be better than the 101 school lunches I ate over the first half of the project. It’s probably optimistic […]

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