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Guest blogger: Our kids need your help getting active

Physical Fitness, P.E. and Recess: Our Kids Need Your Help Getting Active By the age of 16 I weighed over 220 pounds. All my life, from the time I was a small child I struggled with my obesity. Then, one day I made a change. I went from one mile on the treadmill to running […]

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What’s in your….crisper??

Top row from left: Pancetta for carbonara, clementines, jalapeno (my husband grew it from seed)Bottom row from left: Broccoli, corn, potatoes, spinach, red pepper, garlic, avocado, carrots, apple, onions, green beans (from farmer’s market)Very bottom: Little jars of our homemade concord grape jelly that we made last fall and still are trying to get through. […]

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Guest Blogger: Allergic to Yellow Dye #5

The first time I discovered I was allergic to Yellow #5 was when I was in school to become an aesthetician. Part of the reason I had decided this career path was because I had battled with my skin for years. Here I was in my early 20’s and always had breakouts on my chin. […]

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Comment policy

I started moderating comments in late April. I felt forced into doing it when I got some abusive comments that included expletives and some personal attacks. I don’t mind if I’m told I’m a dumb idiot, but some take it too far and don’t offer any actual points of discussion. A couple comments were so vile […]

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I have persistent fantasy of moving to a farm and buying a cow. It’s to the point that I often turn to my husband randomly and say, “let’s go buy a farm somewhere in Iowa.” He will occasionally indulge me and agree with a smirk, “it’s tempting.” I’m not sure if he’s being sarcastic. When my […]

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Open thread: Seasonality

I’m a newcomer to the food reform movement and although my family was health conscious and generally “granola” in many of our choices, we weren’t aware of which foods were in season. We left the farm and then lost that knowledge. I only know that asparagus is in the Spring…. Please comment with your knowledge […]

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Soup up my lunch: tofu omelet

A commenter asked “what does your kid eat?” My kid eats a pint-sized version of what I’m eating (varies on choking hazard status of the food item, etc). I’m a big believer in not making more than one meal. Plus I don’t like the idea of a toddler dictating what the whole family eats. So I made […]

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Guest blogger: Canadian PTA lunches

I am a parent of grade 3 and grade 5 children in a small city in Southwest Ontario.  At our school, there is no cafeteria, and children bring their own lunches from home.  Just like many other public schools, the parent council provides a lunch which is used as a fundraiser to help pay for […]

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