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Open thread: School lunch in the news

My amazing readers email me fantastic news stories every day. I tweet them on my Twitter account, but trying to put them in a summarizing blog post sometimes seems daunting. And I’m already posting once a day– I don’t want to go overboard here! But now is the time: The Child Nutrition Act has still not passed […]


Let’s say I wrote a post on walnuts and how much I disliked them. And let’s pretend I wrote that I never ate walnuts as a kid and I’m never going to change and eat a walnut. I’d say, “You can eat walnuts if that is right for your family. I just don’t like walnuts.” I’d get […]

Guest blogger: Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)

In the last year we have heard a lot about the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, especially in relation to childhood obesity. School meals have been criticized as being unhealthy but are also see as an avenue to provide healthy meals to kids and educate them about healthy, local, and fresh foods. However, a […]

Summer vacation and camps

Working Mother June/July 2010 The article/blurb above is great, but completely misses the point that many families don’t have the money to send their children to camp. With families with more than a few kids, multiple camp experiences are not financial realities. Recently a reader (StepShep) alerted me to a recent article in Time magazine The […]

Guest blog: The Yummy Mummy

Kim Foster is the author of The Yummy Mummy, ( a humor blog about cooking and eating with young kids. She is a writer, ghostwriter of several books, and currently finishing up a book proposal about her year of cooking with 20 four year olds in an East Harlem public school. She’ll be back in […]

Childhood memories: Every child has a story to tell

I think it was fifth grade. I visited a friend’s house and she had a button-maker. We spent an afternoon coloring and drawing on construction paper to create a couple buttons a piece. I had never encountered a button-making machine before and I vowed to put this spectacular device on my Christmas list (never got […]

Open thread: Favorite sandwich for lunch

We just had a rather large discussion about fluff sandwiches. It seems that most of the readers who ate them (East and Southern folks primarily with smattering of people mostly east of the Mississippi) believed them to be their favorite sandwich from childhood. What was your favorite sandwich from childhood? What is your favorite sandwich NOW? (I’ll answer in […]


About ten years ago my husband told me, “I used to eat fluff sandwiches when I was a kid.” I don’t know how it came up. We had been dating for a few years at the time. I laughed heartily. We had a weird exchange that I’m going to recreate for you below: Girlfriend Q: […]

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