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Guest Blogger: Cool Step-Mom with Veggies at School

First off I want to be known that I am not a blogger or a professional one at that. When I asked Mrs. Q if I could be a GUEST blogger I warned her that it might be misspelled or have horrible grammar but that I NEEDED to share my story! I am a mother […]

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Hospital breakfast

I fasted for more than 12 hours prior to my blood test this morning and then afterwards I went to the hospital cafeteria and ordered a standard breakfast: two eggs, hash browns, bacon, and an OJ. Cost: $4.15 Everything was delicious but I was starving so I could have been biased. It was your basic […]

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Fuel thermos

I saw this Trudeau Fuel Duo Thermos and Snack Container at a local housewares store and I couldn’t resist it (I bought this product myself and this not a paid review). I like that it comes with a snack holder on the top. So I could put crackers in it and have a trashless lunch. […]

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The perfect chocolate chip cookie

A very good friend visited who I hadn’t seen for a long time. She came bearing cookies her boyfriend baked for us. Can you say marry that man NOW?! (Aside to my friend: he doesn’t have to know you’re marrying him for the cookies…it can be a secret between you, me and my other three readers!)  […]

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Guest Blogger: Better Bagged Lunches (now for eating at home)

Mrs. Q: Things got away from me and I meant to put this guest blog post up while I was still in school. Thankfully these suggestions can be incorporated very easily into lunches made at home over the summer. And now without further delay… Better (not boring) Bagged Lunches (now at home!) I grew up eating […]

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Part Two: What have I learned? (so far)

a continuation from Part One… 4) Kids don’t get enough time to eat and to run around. As one reader noted, no matter how good the food is you can’t eat it in 20 minutes or less. At my school it’s 20 minutes for lunch including lining up and throwing it out. And no recess?! […]

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Open thread: Vegetarians, vegans, and people with food allergies

A little late with the open thread today. I’m busy doing summer things and getting out. It’s great not to feel like I have to tackle the laundry and the grocery shopping right away. Just a relaxing weekend… *** I’m amazed when I dine with one of my many vegetarian friends (I don’t have any vegan […]

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Summer lunch: restaurant tacos

Out to lunch – Three al pastor (seasoned pork) tacos with cilantro and lime, refried beans, rice, water – $10 I wanted to get tacos yesterday but something came up. So today was the day. I love this place, but I don’t get over to it very often (I will reveal the name one day…). I squeezed the lime wedges […]

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