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Guest blogger: Denver area school lunch experience

I ended up volunteering at an elementary school on a day almost two weeks ago, and while I was there, I decided to eat lunch just to see what was available to kids in the Denver metro area, as opposed to wherever Mrs. Q is located. I love that I probably wouldn’t have thought of eating […]

Soup up my lunch: turkey sandwich and salad

Top picture: my lunch; Bottom picture (clockwise from top): Brianna’s dressing, “Primo Taglio” turkey slices, cheddar cheese, Fage 2% greek yogurt, EarthGrains 100% natural thins, organic baby spinach Thanks to everyone who commented on Pimp my lunch: tuna melt. Your feedback was *amazing* — I can’t thank you enough. There is much for me to learn […]

Guest blog: School Meals That Rock

School Meals That Rock I can understand being fed up with school lunch – and I can also understand being an angry mom. In fact, my concerns about my children’s school lunches 20 years ago are what initially drove me to become active in creating healthy school environments. My name is Dayle Hayes. As a […]

Titanium Spork Award – Please vote!

I just opened up the poll for June (running a tad late) so please vote when you the chance. There were only four nominees this time around so it won’t take you long to cast your vote! *** Last month’s winner Lisa Suriano of Veggiecation recorded an acceptance speech on her blog, which you can […]

Open thread: Beverages at school

What kids drink at school is just about as important as what they eat. 1) Milk – I don’t drink milk anymore myself. But I support milk for kids when it’s hormone-free (which I don’t think it is in my district). Among the readers there seems to be a bunch of folks who prefer full-fat […]

Guest blogger: Convenience store gluttony

As a kid I ate the same kind of lunches that Mrs. Q posts on the blog, albeit on styrofoam trays.  As an adult, I worked for a state university food service program for 3+ years until we were downsized.  After being let go, I found work at a local convenience store as the night clerk.  Between working […]

Pimp my lunch: tuna melt

Many of you have wanted to know what I eat at home for lunch. Well, here’s a home lunch I had this week. I love tuna melts (1/2 can chunk light tuna with real mayo, extra sharp cheddar, thin sandwich bread) and a yogurt, and an apricot. I’m not taking pictures of all of my lunches, but the […]

Fresh fruit

Brooklyn in the early evening I wish I could walk by a fruit stand every day. I used to live in a walkable neighborhood, but I don’t anymore. My husband and I walked to a health food store, the regular grocery, or just out to dinner. No car required. I miss it. My old walkable […]

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