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Day 85: chicken parm

Today’s menu: chicken parm, garlic bread, broccoli, apple The chicken got a little “over-toasted” there, but it was ok. I just eat fast. I like the garlic bread (I’m a big fan of the homemade stuff). The broccoli was probably reheated too many times because it lost some of its color and texture. Limp broccoli […]

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Guest Blogger: Common Threads

My Common Threads Story I came to Common Threads like most people, as a volunteer. In the winter of 2007 I started volunteering for Common Threads.  A good friend of mine encouraged me to sign up as a volunteer.  I had just moved to Chicago and it was winter, I love kids, I wanted to […]

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Open thread: Lunch confessions and food fantasies

The “ranch on pizza” discussion was lively. Thanks for enlightening me, but I’m not going to do that again even with excellent pizza and a touch of excellent ranch.  What did you eat at school lunch (or whenever) that was strange by your standard or another’s?  Someone asked me in an interview, “What do you […]

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Day 84: bean burrito

Today’s menu: bean burrito, carrots, applesauce, goldfish, milk So I was able to avoid the burger and eat a burrito today! The burrito was good too. Your basic burrito. Carrots? The usual. Applesauce? Smooth. Goldfish? Surprise! Hmm…. I’m left scratching my head. But I’m still grateful for the burrito! And the fish crackers weren’t bad […]

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Guest blogger: More Alternatives to School Lunch

Sample lunch for my second grade daughter–homemade stuffed muffin with ground beef & cheese, sliced hard boiled eggs, marble cheese cubes, carrots, celery & cucumber, fresh cantaloupe. Total time prep = less than 5 minutes using items in my fridge & freezer. Total cost = slightly under $1. I’ve been reading Fed Up With Lunch for […]

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Day 83: pizza

Today’s menu: pepperoni pizza, carrots, peach fruit cup, ranch dressing, milk When I’ve eaten pizza in the past, commenters have mentioned that when they were kids they would put the ranch dressing on the pizza. I decided to give that a shot (see last picture). Results: pizza of marginal flavor turned foul. I took the […]

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Cafeteria learning

When you become a parent you realize the power of your example. Even as young six months babies want to eat what their parents are eating. As the authority figure in a classroom, the teacher takes up where the parent left off: he/she is looked up to as the leader. Most kids respect school staff. In general school […]

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Day 82: popcorn chicken

Today’s menu: popcorn chicken, tater tots, bread, banana, milk The words “popcorn chicken” should never be written together. When is chicken like popcorn? It’s unnatural. Anyway so they tasted salty. I slathered everyone of them with bbq sauce and the tater tots got smeared with ketchup too. I then got out my own stash of […]

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