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Open thread: Healthy road-tripping

Most of you are already on your way out of town for the weekend. I love to drive in general, but I especially enjoy it if I’m going on a trip. Sometimes when I’m driving to work I want to just keep driving until I run out of gas to see where I’d end up. […]

Day 89: pasta

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, peas, breadstick, fruit jello I know that many schools are done or almost done. Just so you know, I still have a couple more weeks. When I’m done with the school year, I’m going to need a stiff drink. Who wants to take me out for a shot or […]

Day 88: chicken nuggets

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets, carrots, bread, mixed fruit cup, milk The blinding blue chicken nugget glare is from florescent light and outside light coming in and hitting the leftover bit of plastic on the container. It’s like they just got blessed by a higher power. Let’s hope so for my sake. Guess what? I drank […]

Guest blogger: Food service management companies (FSMCs)

Hi, I’m Dr. Susan Rubin. My journey as a school food advocate has been long and full of interesting twists and turns. I’ve been at this since my youngest child hit 2nd grade, she’s now a sophomore in college.  Along the way, my advocacy work was featured in a movie, Two Angry Moms ( […]

Day 87: pizza

Today’s menu: pizza, carrots, orange, pretzels Pizza again. It is basically once a week so it shouldn’t be a surprise. I was happy about the orange and the carrots. I did not use ranch on the pizza this time! I think the pizza looks really good in this picture… *** When I first started the […]

Guest blogger: Let’s Move Child Nutrition

Debra Eschmeyer is an Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy Food and Society Fellow and the Marketing and Outreach Director of the National Farm to School Network. On Twitter: Let’s Move Child Nutrition By Debra Eschmeyer Can you show the Mom-in-Chief how motivated we are to pass the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act?  Back in […]

Day 86: hot dog

Today’s menu: hot dog, whole wheat buns, beans, fruit cup, milk My spork was defective. You can see it is bent back and forth (reminds me of the cover of one of Augusten Burrough’s books — great writer by the way). It happened when I was tearing into my hot dog container. I tried stabbing […]

National Skipping Day – Friday May 28

The kids had left.The hallways were empty.I walked alone.I felt happy.I skipped.Once.Then twice.And I stopped.I looked around and behind myself.No one saw me.So I did it again.And again.And then I stopped.I walked back to my room.A smile on my face. *** Confession: Teachers skip in the hallways when students aren’t there. We also yell, wave […]

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