Feedback and a sneak preview…

I’m looking for your thoughts. Since this blog has evolved into more than just a daily chronicle of school lunch at my school, I want your feedback on what you like, what you don’t, what you want more of and what you want to see less frequently. All comments that are personal attacks will be elited I mean deleted. Only genuine criticism please.

1) What’s your favorite thing about the blog?

2) What bugs you enough to want it changed? (I have already made a note of laying off the “paranoid” tone)

3) Is two posts per day too many? For example, oftentimes I have one guest blog and one daily lunch post per day. Sometimes I think it’s an overwhelming amount of content.

3) I try to have one “op-ed” blog post of mine per week. I think that’s just right. Do you want more?

4) Which guest blogs do you like the most? I have not solicited any guest blogs. I have been lucky that people contacted me wanting to be a part of the project. Are there a certain type of guest blog that you would like to see more of? Specific people that you want to hear from? I could try to actively seek out certain kinds of contributors.

5) Are the Saturday “Open threads” valuable?

6) Anything I’ve missed that you’d like to comment on?

Sneak peak of things to come:

  • Announcing my summer plans this week…
  • More specific advice about what you (teacher or parent in particular) can do
  • “Schoolyard confidential,” a new feature exploring teachers and the school environment
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56 thoughts on “Feedback and a sneak preview…”

  1. 1. my favorite thing is the daily lunch posts especially the pictures
    2. theres not really anything that bugs me
    3. i think one op-ed post per week is just right
    4. i like the guests blogs that feature lunches from other countries
    5. i do think the open threads are valuable
    6. nope! keep up the great work mrs. q!

  2. Don't know much on this subject except to say we really enjoyed watching J. Oliver's Food Revolution on tv. Eye-opening. We are also trying to "find health" via better food habits, so his message truly resonated. Kids deserve our best efforts though and school lunch programs should set a good example of healthy eating, I would think. Learning, the primary goal of educational systems, should include learning to care for self by consuming foods that provide real nutrition. I think Jamie Oliver is planting the seeds for progressive thought, at a minimum.

  3. I love what you are doing. I really love the variety of guest posts, they are wonderful. I love your op-ed blog once a week.
    Posting twice a day is tons.
    I often don't comment, especially when lots of people already have, but my interest is always with you.
    You are doing a great job!

  4. 1. The daily lunches. They never cease to amaze (read: horrify) me.
    2. Nothing bugs me – I think it's all a-ok.
    3. 2 posts per day is fine. Especially seeing as they're usually so short – sometimes they're just the lunch and description. It's still easy to catch up on a few days' worth if I'm not at home to check.
    4. I think the Guest Bloggers have been pretty good overall. I think it's interesting to read about other projects moreso than comparisons from other teachers, just because it gives me some hope that people are working towards change. The one from Tara was good.
    5. I rarely read the comments these days (unless, owing to timezone differences, I'm one of the first people to check them – it happens more often than you'd think!) so I could take them or leave them.
    6. I don't think you need to worry about being paranoid. It's silly for people to expect you to dismiss your concerns for the sake of what they like to read. You're undertaking a difficult project (I could never eat those lunches) and I think you're allowed to express how you feel about what you're doing. I know we'd all like to please everyone, but rest assured that you're already doing a fantastic job. It's your comments about your feelings that bring you a little closer to us, the readers, and remind us that you're human like the rest of us. 🙂

  5. I don't mind more than one post a day- your lunch updates are so small 🙂

    I've enjoyed the posts from people working in the schools that can explain why things are the way they are. It's not as if anyone set out with the goal of making the unhealthiest environment possible for our kids- one thing just led to another.

  6. 1) The pictures of the school lunches. It reminds me so much of my first year at public school. I had been home schooled previously and had never even seen some of the food they served before.

    2) Nothing bothers me about this blog.

    3) Two posts every day is a little too much (unless the second post has time-sensitive or extremely relevant information.)

    3)Your op-ed posts are fine.

    4) I'd like to see interviews from current or (very recently) former students about their school lunches. As someone with food allergies, I'd also love to see that angle covered – have school lunches gotten any better about feeding kids with the most common allergies – peanuts, milk, soy, wheat, etc? When I was in school, they didn't make _any_ accommodations. 🙁

    5) Yes, I enjoy the saturday open threads.

    6) Nope.

  7. 1. My favorite is the daily lunches. I like to see the pics.
    2.Nothing bugs me, but I understand that you are paranoid. Dont worry. We support you!
    3. Post as many times a day as you like! I love to read all of them!
    4.I LOVE the stories from other countries. They ae so cool to hear about.
    5. Keep the open threads open!
    6.Since I like to beautify things, I wouldnt mind playing with the overall look of your blog, but thats your choice. I understand if you want to keep things simple.

    Great work overall! Keep it up!

  8. I love this blog! I think you are doing a great thing and I commend you for it. I think 2 posts a day is just fine – its not overwhelming to me at all. Of all the guest blogs, I think enjoy the ones about school lunches in other countries the most – but I also enjoy the ones from various parts of our school lunch system – the vendors, the educators, the lunch lady – all of that. It helps us see how all this works together. Keep it coming!

  9. 1. My fave is your commentary on your lunches!
    2. nothing really.
    3. i think one op-ed post per week fine.
    3. i actually don't mind 2 posts a day, in fact, i wouldn't mind more guest blogging, relevant articles, etc!
    4. i love teachers and students posting about their own lunch experiences.
    5. i usually don't participate but the threads are fine.
    6. great job!

  10. 1) Your honestly on the quality of lunch
    2) I don't think you need to lay off being "paranoid". Its supposed to be your experience with this, and that is part of it.
    3) 2+ post would be fine, I love checking to see if anything is new.
    4) I love stories of people making a difference, how we can start to, and the ones that talk about how the school gets stuck between a rock and a hard place. It's important to remember they are trying.
    5) yes.

  11. 1) I tried, but I just can't pick one thing. It's all good.

    2) Ignorant/insulting comments from the peanut gallery, but there's no changing that.

    3) Two posts per day isn't overwhelming for me unless it's every day. I think one extended editorial per week is a good balance.

    4) I like *all* the guest blogs, and would love to see more of them.

    5) On the whole, not really. I've seen very little back and forth communicating. Certainly there's some, but it seems to be mostly people walking into the party, making a proclamation and then leaving again, with no interest in actual discussion. Comments on a post just don't seem to have as much interaction as other forums.

  12. I thought the guest post from the "real lunch lady" was fantastic. I'd love to hear more stories like that, but also think hearing the counterpoint from school officials would be interesting/useful. Not because I agree with their viewpoint, but just because I think that there's value in "knowing your enemy", so to speak. Great job with this blog. Keep up the good work! Us moms out here are cheering you on!

  13. I think the 2 daily posts are just right. I like that one post is your lunch post, and the other is usually a guest blogger. I particularly enjoy reading about school lunches in other parts of the world! Keep up the great work!

  14. 1) The pictures and your commentary on what it taste like

    2) I wish people would leave you alone about the paranoid thing after all it is not being paranoid if they may really be out to get you ; )

    3) I don't have a problem with the number of posts

    3) I think one is fine

    4) I enjoy the ones regarding other lunches especially those in other countries

    5) I don't comment on those but they do give me something to think about

    6) Your blog is quite interesting and I think you should give yourself a gold star for a great job!!

  15. I think the blog is great–I've been following for a few months now.

    I like the daily lunch pictures/reviews,the guest blogs, the pictures. Keep posting as much as you want–it's all great.

    Can you tell us how the kids like the lunches?

    How much do you see left uneaten or never served?

    Is there nutritional info on any of the food? I know the drinks and chips do, but what about the entrees?

    Have you talked to parents at your school–what do they think? Other teachers' thoughts?

    Can you tell us how your kids are when they come in after lunch on some of the bad days (hot dogs) vs some of the good ones (pasta?) I'd love to hear more about your teaching in general.

  16. You are doing great. Trust your instincts – this is your blog. I love the blog entries discussing lunches in other countries.

  17. 1) What's your favorite thing about the blog?

    I like the daily (or almost daily) postings of your actual school lunches. It reminds me of what my district was serving before a local CT Chef, Todd Cipriani, took over and revamped our school meal program.

    2) What bugs you enough to want it changed? (I have already made a note of laying off the "paranoid" tone)

    Please, no more op-ed blogs that are polarizing and also insulting with a heavy suburban bias. The best examples of that include the last post about homework causing obesity and the vegan mother without a nutritional background or medical license. As a former urban teacher who has dealt with unique urban issues and environments, these posts do more harm than good and often explode into nasty debates. Not every reader of your blog is white, anglo-saxon protestant.

    3) Is two posts per day too many? For example, oftentimes I have one guest blog and one daily lunch post per day. Sometimes I think it's an overwhelming amount of content.

    To be honest, I tend to miss half of the double postings. Example: I saw yesterday's op-ed and missed the open thread. Is there a way you can do an op-ed Saturday and an open thread Sunday?
    3) I try to have one "op-ed" blog post of mine per week. I think that's just right. Do you want more?

    Please, just one and screen the content better. Some op-eds are polarizing and insulting.

    4) Which guest blogs do you like the most? I have not solicited any guest blogs. I have been lucky that people contacted me wanting to be a part of the project. Are there a certain type of guest blog that you would like to see more of? Specific people that you want to hear from? I could try to actively seek out certain kinds of contributors.

    I'd love to see guest bloggers from teachers in several different types of schools: urban, private, parochial, charter et al. I'd also like to see more student guest bloggers. We talk so much about OUR reactions to school lunch but gloss over the reactions that our students may have.

    5) Are the Saturday "Open threads" valuable?
    If they're on their own, yes. If there's a double post, I tend to miss it.

    6) Anything I've missed that you'd like to comment on?
    No, thank you.

  18. 1) What's your favorite thing about the blog?

    The daily lunch with pictures. Those are great!

    2) What bugs you enough to want it changed? (I have already made a note of laying off the "paranoid" tone)

    Don't worry so much if you're found out.

    3) Is two posts per day too many? For example, oftentimes I have one guest blog and one daily lunch post per day. Sometimes I think it's an overwhelming amount of content.

    An op-ed would be best on the weekend, and just one per week.

    3) I try to have one "op-ed" blog post of mine per week. I think that's just right. Do you want more?

    See above.

    4) Which guest blogs do you like the most? I have not solicited any guest blogs. I have been lucky that people contacted me wanting to be a part of the project. Are there a certain type of guest blog that you would like to see more of? Specific people that you want to hear from? I could try to actively seek out certain kinds of contributors.

    The ones from lunch ladies.

    5) Are the Saturday "Open threads" valuable?

    Haven't noticed.

    6) Anything I've missed that you'd like to comment on?


  19. 1) I enjoy most of the guest bloggers and the updates on your daily lunch.

    2) I know you acknowledged the paranoid thing, so the only reason I'm mentioning it is to say that I don't think its unreasonable or that you shouldn't be paranoid, but that if the status quo hasn't changed, then updating just seems like a redundant waste of time.

    3) Two posts are fine. The school lunch posts are short enough that it doesn't feel overwhelming.

    3) One a week feels about right. Especially with the mix of guest posts and the school lunches, more just seems unnecessary. If you have more to say, just extend the one-a-week.

    4) So far I have enjoyed most of the guest blogs. I like the ones from foreign cultures, I like hearing from the people who consume or are involved in the process of serving/administrating/etc the school lunches. One or two of the guest posts seemed a bit too long for me, so I think it would be a good idea to impose a maximum length for guest bloggers, or to split the more lengthy posts into parts and post them separately (likely even on separate days as a series, so as not to overwhelm the reader with material.)

    5) I don't generally comment on web forums (laziness abounds in me) but I occasionally enjoy reading the threads. Keep them, they're easy filler if nothing else.

    6) Not to sound like a total spokesperson (I'm not) but you should consider exporting your blog to I think you'll find it much more accommodating for a blog that has grown in popularity and content as quickly as this one has.

  20. I love the pictures. Also, the guest bloggers. I read the guest piece by Janet Poppendieck, and bought her book. It exposed me to a whole world of school food I never thought much about.

  21. As a teacher in an urban charter school, I agree with the Former Urban Public School Teacher.

    As I'm sure you know from being a teacher, you can't please everyone so just focus on what your original intent of the blog was. My favorite posts are the ones that are your lunch for the day, the lunches from other countries, and hearing from people who work in the school cafeterias. The interview with about 80 questions was too long for one post and many of the questions were essentially the same, just phrased differently. I'd suggest either doing a bit more whittling down (asking for others to review if you need help looking for redundancies) or, as Ariel said, splitting it up into a series.

    I think the 2 posts per day is a bit much. I don't know where you live, but I know some schools let out in a month and some let out in 2 months, but we do have summer vacation coming up. I think a lot of the guest bloggers and discussions could be spread out so you have stuff to post during summer vacation.

    What about something like doing a guest blogger 2-3 times per week plus your op-ed piece once per week? I think that might be a nice balance to give a good variety of content while making sure your life doesn't get taken over by this blog as well!

    To be honest, I haven't noticed the Saturday Open Forum.

  22. I love everything you are doing-from the pictures to the guest posts. And, I don't think you sound (or can sound) too paranoid. A change needs to come and you are helping us all toward a healthier future.

  23. 1) My favorite thing about the blog is the daily lunch posts. I like seeing the photos and reading the descriptions. Sometimes your opinion of what tastes good is surprising, given how the “food” looks in the photo!

    2) I think you are doing a good job as is; keep up the good work! (And I haven’t noticed a paranoid tone.)

    3) Two posts per day is okay, but more than that gets overwhelming. What are you planning to do over the summer?

    3) One op-ed post per week is great. I think I would get tired of op-eds more than twice a week, and more op-eds might get tiring for you to write, and the blog would suffer if you got burned out.

    4) I like all guest posts which are not self-righteous in tone. I only remember one that was (and can’t remember which one). I like hearing what other schools are doing, both better and worse. I really enjoyed hearing from the “lunch lady”.

    5) Are the Saturday "Open threads" valuable? – Yes.

    6) Just keep up the good work!

  24. 1) What's your favorite thing about the blog?

    I like the posts about your meals as well as guest posts.

    2) What bugs you enough to want it changed?
    The comments (trolls even) made not to promote discussion, but to bait others. If there is a way to do this, don't allow anonymous posters. This should at least make people think a little more before they post.

    3) Is two posts per day too many? I'm fine with as many posts as you want. It's your blog. 🙂

    3) I try to have one "op-ed" blog post of mine per week. I think that's just right. Do you want more? I haven't really read these much, but I'm not opposed to them.

    4) Which guest blogs do you like the most? I have enjoyed the blogs with other teachers in other countries. Those were my favorites, but I have enjoyed all the guest blogs as well.

    5) Are the Saturday "Open threads" valuable? I don't particularly like these. Unfortunately not everyone can comment nicely.

    6) Anything I've missed that you'd like to comment on?
    Just stay true to your vision. This is your blog, and although democracy is great, it isn't always great for a blog. If you want to have certain people guest blog, but others have opposed it in the past, do what you think is best. Unfortunately there will always be those that disagree with anything you do.

    I think you're doing a great job! Thanks for taking the time to make this possible.

  25. My only comment is that I think that guest posts get to be a little long. It's a lot of information, and a lot of the time I end up skimming if the topic doesn't interest me, but I seem to be in the minority about that. What about making it a once a week feature or every other day or something? I agree with the anonymous comment above mine, I think that they would be useful in the summer when you're going to need content…

  26. 1) The lunches. It's the most pivotal part of the blog and the foundation for change. If only the world had more people willing to go the distance for causes they believe in then we'd have paradise !

    2) Nothing at all! And you have a right to be paranoid. It's your job at stake!

    3) Two blogs per day is fine. It's nice to see the lunches and then a guest blogger of some sort and it balances out very well.

    3) You do so much already! One op-ed is fine!

    4) I feel like we've heard little to nothing from the actual food suppliers. It would be nice to get their perspective on how they see change and how they can facilitate it.

    5) I don't think valuable is the correct word. It's more like interesting. It's a very democratic perspective and you can see many different ideas at a time. That being said, some times it can get off topic.

    6) Keep at it! This is just the sort of change we need!

  27. I'd like to see more about the economics and feasibility of a farm-to-school lunch program or other methods for getting fresh produce into school lunches. We all can agree that things aren't so good – but let's talk about making it better!

  28. Heidi, some of us are teachers as well and I know I have posted comments as "anonymous" a few times just as a precaution so it can't get traced back to me.

  29. I admit that I love your blog but I don't really read every word. I subscribe via Bloglines, and I mostly enjoy looking at the photos of the school lunch. I enjoyed the lunchlady post, though it was kind of long–I didn't read the whole thing. I'd probably enjoy more of that kind of thing–an occassional post from people like cafeteria-workers, school administrators, etc.


  30. 1. reading about school lunches from other countries is my fav

    2. nothing bothers me

    3. No, 2 posts are not too many

    4. no, one op-ed blog is fine per week

    5. I love all the guest bloggers who are from other countries.

    6. Saturday's blogs are fine

    7. Keep up the good work. I love your blog!!!

  31. 1. Seeing how bad school lunches have gotten – it's good to be able to see what the children are being fed even if it horrifies me sometimes.

    2. Maybe all the it must be organic stuff you get into – you can be pushy. No offense really meant.

    3. Sometimes both posts can be too much. I would limit it to a guest blog maybe just a few times a week instead.

    4. I like the guest blogs that show food also being served somewhere in the U.S. – not being prejudice or anything, but what gets served in another country doesn't affect me.

    5. Yes.

    6. Just to bring it up – it doesn't need to be said each post that you are lactose intolerant. We are getting that by now.

    Keep up the good work!

  32. 1) Food pics.

    a)The paranoid tone does bug me (only reiterating this since others have disagreed). Maybe post an About link on the right side of the page and state there why you are anonymous, then you wouldn't have to revisit it all the time.
    b)I'd strongly prefer ads on the bottom or right rather than inline (between posts or the popups mid-text).
    c) Feel free to edit guest posts (e.g. no reason to post lunchlady questions/answers that are redundant – just note that you edited for brevity).

    3) I like two posts/day and one op-ed/week.

    4) Foreign lunches and posts from people who work in the school lunch system.

    5) The open threads don't interest me, but I don't mind just skipping them.

    Overall the blog is great. Keep up the good work.

  33. 1) I like seeing the daily lunch pictures, like everyone else.

    2) nothing

    3) 2 posts are fine

    3) 1 op-ed blog is fine too

    4) I like hearing from guest bloggers from other countries and seeing pics.

    5) I don't really read the Sat blogs, but they seem interesting.

    6) Thanks for everything your doing! =)

  34. 1) My favorite thing about the blog is that you are completely honest about the food, and you aren't getting anything from it.

    2) I think your doing great

    3) No I love having a guest bloger and a lunch post

    3) I think its good as is

    4) I love the guest blogers from other countries

    5) I think they are a great way to spread different ideas of how to fix things

    6) I'd like to thank you for risking your job by having this blog

  35. I don't know if you've already covered this in a post that I've missed, but one of the most glaring things that I've noticed in the school lunches is the ratio of veggies and fruit to main course. The rule of thumb I've heard for making a balanced plate is two-thirds of the plate should be veggie (or possibly fruit), and 1/3 should be protein/pasta/starch/grain. The lunches you show are at most 1/3 fruit/veggie…

  36. 1) What's your favorite thing about the blog? — i love your comments about the lunches!

    2) What bugs you enough to want it changed? (I have already made a note of laying off the "paranoid" tone) — nothing

    3) Is two posts per day too many? — i can't get enough posts! keep them coming!

    3) I try to have one "op-ed" blog post of mine per week. I think that's just right. — agreed

    4) Which guest blogs do you like the most? — i like those that talk about lunches elsewhere.

    5) Are the Saturday "Open threads" valuable? — yes

    6) Anything I've missed that you'd like to comment on? — hmm… food in college?


  37. I think everything's pretty great as it is. My only comment would be that you shouldn't worry so much about what others think!!
    I know that's easy to say from the outside, and that the way your blog has exploded will have definitely made a difference to the way you view it. Nonetheless, please try not to change the blog just to suit your readers, because then YOU, the most important element that makes it what it is, could get lost.

    People will read the blog, take from it what they want and leave what they don't. Not everyone will love it all the time, and that's okay, just keep it true to what you want it to be.

  38. I did not read all the comments, so I'm hoping no one made this suggestion already. But I'd like to see more of the other foods you eat to help balance out the high calories from the school lunch. Or maybe you don't make other changes at all. I'm also curious in learning what you typically ate for lunch before this project.

  39. Oh, one other comment. I love the food pic posts, and I especially love when you include things like the reactions of the students, what they've told you about the food, how much they throw away, etc. Since they're the heart of the blog, I really think the posts are better with as much commentary on them as possible. Of course, sometimes the one-liners can be just as effective at getting your point across (and short posts are good for redundant meals – hello pizza).

  40. Mrs Q,

    1) Love your pics/comments about your school lunch.

    2) Nothing bugs me, love it as it is.

    3) 2 posts is fine but I don't want you to be overwhelmed.

    4) 1 op-ed/week is fine

    5) Also love guest bloggers who can tell us about successful changes, big or small, to their school food programs. I appreciate links to other blog and websites of groups who are making changes. I also like the chance for Q&A with people in the midst of school lunches.

    6) Open threads are fine. If I'm not interested, I don't participate.

    7) I'd love some kind of recipe archive provided by schools/services that are making healthy changes. Kid tested and approved healthy menus are worth their weight in gold! It would be awesome to have some recipes in-hand when facing the powers for the first time.

  41. I will be in the minority it seems and say that I do NOT like the guest blogs. I started reading this blog to see the story of one school's lunch program. If I wanted other perspectives, I would read other blogs.

    In terms of number of posts, it's your blog, you should update as much or as little as you want. If you feel like posting 10 times one day, why not? If you want to not post at all one day why not?

  42. 1) You're daily chronicles of lunches you've choked down.

    2) Nothing about this blog bugs me. You have a great variety of your own posts and guest bloggers.

    3) Is two posts per day too many? No.

    3) I try to have one "op-ed" blog post of mine per week. I think that's just right. Do you want more? Its all good.

    4) I like blogs from students who have experienced school lunches, and I enjoy guest blogs from other bloggers who are in the same subject.

    5) Are the Saturday "Open threads" valuable? I have yet to try this.

    6) Anything I've missed that you'd like to comment on?
    I think you are doing an amazing job! I wish you all the best.

  43. 1. I love your honesty and seeing what people across the world provide for school lunches.

    2. Nothing to change

    3. 2 posts is great. The short summary of the meal and a guest is perfect. I wouldn't mind more for when I get bored.

    4. All the guest posts have been beneficial for me. I enjoy seeing different perspectives and seeing what the struggles are in different parts of the country and world. Every school is so different.

    5. I don't always check the blog on Saturdays, but if I'm having a slow Monday at work, I'll read what was there. A great way for the discussion to go on, even though there are always some that are closeminded that will post without listening to others.

    6. You're doing a great job in my opinion. I'd love to hear from some of the higher ups in administration as to what the real challenges are to changing things. Jamie Oliver's show has given me a glimpse into that, but I wonder if it is the same everywhere. (probably hard to find those that can be honest and aren't afraid to post things)

  44. 1) The lunches. I like to see what the kids are eating.

    2) I've actually mentioned it before, but I would love it if you included not just what you chose for that day, but also what the other option was and why you chose what you chose. I'm always curious why you choose the pizza, for example, when you know you don't like it. And would be more informative to know what all the options were, and not just what you chose.

    As some other people have said, I'd also like to hear more about what the kids themselves think of the lunches.

    3) I don't think two posts is too many. If I'm not interested in the additional post, I just skip over it to see what was for lunch that day. But as someone else mentioned, you may want to save some of the extra stuff for the summer when you don't have a lunch to post about every day.

    3) I think it's plenty. I don't usually read them, unless the subject sparks my interest.

    4) I like the ones where people from other parts of the country talk about their school lunches. More of those would be great, so we can see what the differences are between different areas and what they serve for lunch.

    5) I haven't participated in the open threads.

    6) Overall, I think this blog is great! I'm just a detail-oriented kind of person, so more detail about the lunches would be great. 🙂

  45. 1) Your pictures and impressions of each day's lunch.

    2) Nothing

    3) I don't think it's too many, if I don't have time to read two I just skip the one that doesn't have a lunch picture.

    4) I agree that one is just right

    5) I LOVED the lunch lady one. The one's that offer a student perspective have also added a nice balance.

    6) I don't usually participate in that type of thing, so I'll leave that to others.

    7) I can't think of anything.

  46. 1) The premise/challenge with photos tracking your progress mixed with editorials and background information. You've struck a really good balance between the two.

    2) Nothing. Not even the "paranoid" tone. Do what you have to do to keep your professional life safe.

    3) Nope. The lunch posts usually aren't very long, so it's easy to read through them quickly. If I'm too busy, I'll skip a few posts. Unless you're dying under the stress of such prolific posting, keep it up! It's all worth reading!

    3) I would gladly read more, but I worry about the extra strain it would place on your life. Between your weekly post and your guest blogger posts, there's enough op-ed content.

    4) They each have their own merits. I love seeing school lunches done right. Meatless Mondays is great! It makes me cringe to read about other bad school lunches, but awareness is such a big part of this blog that it would be awful to cut them. The Q&A's are great, especially with the Lunch Lady!

    5) I don't use them or read the comments, but don't stop doing it on my account, especially if others are getting a lot out of them.

    6) Love it! Thanks for your dedication!

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