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Guest Blogger: Culinary Science Class

  Joon-Yee Chuah is a math teacher in Austin, TX who has a culinary science and anthropology elective for 6th grade students. You can read about his misadventures at his blog: or you can view pictures from Kitchen Day 2 on Picasa. Kitchen Day! Hi, everyone! I’ve been reading this blog for a while and […]

Day 70: pizza

Today’s menu: pizza, baby carrots, fruit cup, pretzels, milk The pizza doesn’t look too bad today, right? I’ve said it before but the french bread version is better than the plain pizza. The crust is really thick so there is less of a chance that it will got soggy. In fact it holds up pretty […]

Guest Blogger: Farming perspective

Reconnecting with Our Food: Growing America’s Organic Farms I am a 25-year-old organic farmer.  I do not have my own farm, but I work full-time on an organic farm in Austin, Texas.  My dream is to own a farm with my fiancée, Travis, and provide organic produce directly to our community. I have been reading […]

Day 69: tex mex

Today’s menu: tex-mex (turkey meat over rice & corn), beans, tortilla chips, fruit jello, milk Yeah! It’s one of my favorite meals; it’s like real food. I also feel full for a long time after this meal. The beans are good, but I didn’t even open the tortilla chips — there just is no time. […]

Guest Blogger: Chef and Food Service Director Timothy Cipriano

Hello, I am Chef Timothy Cipriano, Executive Director of Food Services for New Haven, CT Public Schools; proud father of 3 children; strong supporter of Farm to School programs; Co-chair of Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation New Haven, a fundraiser to end childhood hunger and I have a monthly cooking segment on the […]

Day 68: hamburger

Today’s menu: hamburger, whole wheat buns, fruit bar, and tater tots I left the lunchroom with my tray and a little girl caught a glimpse of the red packaging of the fruit icee and screamed with delight,“ice cream!” I’m not going to comment on the lunch as I have eaten this same kind of thing […]

Summer plans

Summer is just a couple months away. The kids need a break (teachers too). But what am I going to do with the blog? Get ready… I want be a lunch lady and blog about it. Oh yes. This idea poses some challenges because school will be out of session. I think there will be […]

Day 67: cheese sandwich

Today’s menu: cheese sandwich, apple, broccoli, milk The sandwich was stale, but the broccoli and apple? Great. I do believe overall the lunches are getting marginally better! I’m waiting to have a lactose attack because of the sandwich, but it hasn’t happened yet. I asked a student, “What did you have for lunch?”“Egg sandwich.”Mmm, hmm.My […]

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