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Day 49: cheese sandwich

— Today’s menu: cheese sandwich, broccoli, pear, milk I had another flashback to one of my favorite school lunches as a kid: the grilled cheese sandwich. There really was nothing better and at my old school it was always paired with tomato soup. I still like making that combo for my family at home.But today’s […]

Guest blogger: School Nutrition Association President, Ms. Dora Rivas

*** I am honored to have a guest post from Ms. Dora Rivas, School Nutrition Association President. Thanks for writing a guest post! *** Photo caption:  Fruit and vegetable choices in Fairfax County Public Schools (Va.) Dora Rivas, MS, RD, SNS, is President of the School Nutrition Association and Executive Director of Child Nutrition Services […]

Day 48: pasta

 Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, orange, green beans, breadstick, milk. Officially this is my favorite lunch. I just love pasta as a comfort food and I’m over “patties.” Overall today’s lunch is not bad: we’ve got real fruit and veggies right there. Yes, I would eat this one again. I guess that’s a good […]

Day 47: chicken nuggets

Today’s menu: chicken nuggets, fruit cup, carrots, bread, milk I’m not a connoisseur, but these look awfully like what one would get at Mc*Donald’s. My husband so graciously informed me about the 38 ingredients of chicken mc*nuggets (little known fact: he worked at a Mc*Donald’s in college). Luckily he told me all that stuff many […]


Eating with a spork every day is a bit strange. Whenever I brought my lunch to work before the project, I always grabbed metal utensils from the drawer and threw them into my lunch bag. I did it because I didn’t want waste plastic. Not to mention that eating from metal is just nicer than […]

Guest blogger: School food service director on ingredients

*** Our resident food service director Ms A is back to share more information from her unique perspective. Read her previous post on pizza *** The Ingredient list and what it suggests about school food It can be as easy as peeling a label off the cardboard packaging and taping it to a wall, yet […]

Guest blogger: Student concerned about ingredients

*** Please welcome a student concerned about the ingredients in the lunches she eats. I’d like to make it clear that she is not my student, we have never met, and she contacted me wanting to share her experience *** Hello! My name is Tara and I’m a senior at my high school in Illinois. […]

Day 46: pizza

  Today’s menu: pizza, carrots, fruit jello, pretzels, milk I do believe that “french bread” pizza is brilliant. With thick crust it’s easy for the pizza to hold up during the trip to the school. Many readers have commented about their school pizza being soggy and greasy. This stuff has been perfected: it is not […]

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