An interview with the Good folks

I backed off interview requests this month due to my own paranoia about losing my job, but I had agreed to an email interview in January so I finally followed through with that just a bit ago. You can read this fun interview here:

Q & A: Mrs. Q Is Fed Up With School Lunch

To everyone who has requested an interview, I really want to do more, but I’m working closely with a family member who is a lawyer just to make sure I’ve got myself covered. Feel free to (re)contact me in the months that follow if you are still interested at that time. Thanks for your understanding.

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5 thoughts on “An interview with the Good folks”

  1. Just a tip…make up an Excel or list of everyone who has requested an interview, along with their contact info. That may come in handy in the future.

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Q. Keep up the amazing work. You have a lot of fans over at GOOD, myself included.

  3. Working with a family member who is a lawyer is fine, but if the lawyer does not have experience in employment law (or if you are in a union, then labor law), you should consider finding an attorney who does. I love the blog and would hate to see you suffer at the hands of a petty principal or school board member who doesn't see that you are very much helping your students in this undertaking.

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