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Day 51: pizza

Today’s menu: pizza, carrots, fruit cup, cookies, milk Pizza. Again. I try to put on a happy face when I’m getting lunch in the cafeteria. It’s getting harder. I mean, I have to pretend that I’m eating the lunches because I like them….a lot. If I pull this whole project off, I should be nominated […]

Surreal media blitz

The past two weeks have been pretty exciting for the blog. Two weeks ago I was interviewed for AOL Health and that article was featured on Yahoo!’s homepage. Um, Hi new readers! Then last week I was interviewed by Juju Chang and featured on Good Morning America (GMA). Juju Chang flew out to Chicago to […]

Guest blogger: A lunch from the West

Hello from Washington State!  As an elementary school teacher and foodie, I’ve been reading Mrs. Q’s blog with curiosity, but have never taken the plunge in eating my school lunch…until today. I had a surprising number of choices for lunch: cheese pizza was the featured item, but a corndog, bean/cheese burrito, and yogurt/blueberry muffin/string cheese […]

Day 50: hamburger

Today’s menu: hamburger, whole wheat buns, tater tots, fruit jello, milk I ate everything. Good thing I didn’t forget the ketchup. I just slathered that patty with ketchup to get it down. I’m basically beef-free in my “real” life so this is a big adjustment. I will not be eating beef hamburgers ever again after […]

Hitting a wall

I’m just worn out. I don’t want to eat any more school lunches. I’ve lost the pleasure of eating lunch, the little respite in the middle of the day. I’m tired of the food. I wish I had more control over what I’m eating…. The first month of the project it was “fun” thinking about […]

Guest blogger: School lunch news roundup

***Our news guest blogger: Brandon Smith is back to share the latest in school lunch news. *** This week I’ve seen an incredible uptick of the use of the Twitter hashtag #foodrevolution. You and I know it’s bigger than Mr. Oliver’s show. In part it’s fueled by the fact that this week, the traditional […]

Guest blogger: Alternatives to school lunches

Why am I interested in posting about alternatives to school lunches? Well, because many parents have the money and time to prepare meals at home for their children. It would be great if all parents had the ability to do this for their children every day. Not all of us are that lucky in life. […]

Open thread: Money

How are we going to fund an improvement in school lunches? I would love it if all parents had the time, money, and food knowledge to pack their children’s lunches every day. That would be a wonderful solution. However, many parents have limited funds and they don’t have a clue about nutrition. Have you ever seen a […]

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