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Recess optional?

Readers have commented about scheduling school lunch in relation to recess and how it’s better to have recess before lunch…. Um… Tell me again what this “recess” is that you speak of? My school doesn’t have recess. The kids get gym once a week. That’s it. (Revised: the preschoolers get recess but not in the […]

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Day 34: pizza

Today’s menu: pizza, carrots, fruit cup, ranch dressing, milk Pizza again. Not as good as the “french bread” pizza. Cheese pizza was the only choice today. Meat was not on the menu at all. I’m wondering if it’s because of Lent. There is a vegetarian (or non-meat) option every day. If you want that food […]

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Farm to School

What is Farm to School? What can I do? your representative and encourage him/her to co-sponsor the Farm-to-School Improvements Act of 2010. How can I learn more?   is a great place to start. Find your state (just scroll down on their site) and see what has already been started. Who is involved in the […]

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(TMI alert — I revealed this in an upcoming interview so that’s why I’m posting it a little ahead of time) I haven’t told you another thing: Two years ago a gastroenterologist diagnosed me with IBS (he ran lots of tests so no need to suggest additional ones). It certainly wasn’t a shock; something was […]

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Day 33: chicken teriyaki (!)

Today’s menu: chicken teriyaki, rice (!) with peas (!) and egg bits (!), corn, two slices bread, butter, peach fruit cup I love Japanese food. So when I stabbed the plastic covering with my spork, I was surprised that the aroma smelled like teriyaki. But upon biting into the chicken, it did not taste like […]

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Health update

I went to the doctor today. I have gained one pound in two months. But keep in mind that I’m no angel outside of work. For example, we just had Valentine’s Day and I ate a lot  some chocolates. I also want to let you know that in December I did have blood taken, I […]

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Day 32: bagel dog

Today’s menu: bagel dog (turkey), tater tots, apple, milk That’s what I had for lunch today… A dear friend of mine had a family member who owned an apple orchard. Many years ago she saw me eating an apple at lunch. She told me, “Never eat around the stem because when they spray, the pesticide […]

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Day 31: rib-b-que

Today’s menu: rib-b-que (“all beef patty” with bbq sauce), whole wheat bun, peach fruit cup, beans, milk I have eaten more beef over the past two months than I ate the whole year of 2009. In fact, I never purchase beef at the grocery store. It does not appeal to me. The only times I […]

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