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Day 14: Pizza

Today’s menu: cheese pizza, pears, pineapple-orange juice This is not the “french bread” pizza that I ate before. I think I liked the other one better. The fruit cup was not frozen. The menus are two-sided, menus. The side that I see posted in classrooms lists everything being offered at lunch (main entree and sides) […]


I’d just like to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading the comments. Thank you. I love reading your personal stories about school lunches. I also see a lot of opinions about the photos and about food options in your children’s schools. And every commenter who tells me to keep going is also appreciated. The best […]

Day 13: Rib-a-cue

Today’s menu: Rib-a-cue, whole wheat bun, corn, apple, (milk). So the “rib-a-cue” looks bad, but when I opened the package, it smelled terrific and it actually tasted really good. Today I was offered a choice (!!) of the rib-a-cue or lasagna. I didn’t see the lasagna sitting out so I decided on the rib-a-cue, which […]

Day 12: Bagel dog

    Today’s menu: Bagel dog, six tater tots, mixed fruit cup, chocolate chip cookie, milk (if I had taken it) I ate it all. The bagel dog tasted better than it looks. There should be more than six tater tots, no? The fruit cup was not frozen!

Day 11: Pasta and meat sauce

Today’s menu: rotini, meat sauce, green beans, cherry-flavored icee, breadstick, butter, milk. I enjoyed this meal. The pasta and meat sauce weren’t bad and I appreciated the variety of rotini (versus spaghetti). I guess the green beans had some kind of butter sauce. I didn’t taste a sauce but there was a little buttery residue […]

Lunch "ladies"

I want to reiterate that I really like the lunch “ladies” at my school. These are hard-working women and men doing their job every single day. The quality of the lunches is something completely out of their control. I worked in the dishroom of my dorm cafeteria my first year of college. It was hot […]

No school today: interview time

I participated in an email interview with Andy Bellatti of Smallbites. Everything you wanted to know about me aside from any identifying information!Speaking With…: “Mrs. Q” Enjoy!

I’ll give you an A+ if you help me with my RSS feed!

If someone could tell me how to set up the RSS feed, that would be great. I thought I set it up, but a commenter said they’re having difficulty. Please let me know how to do it in the comments. Thanks!

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